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Modern balustrade for balcony, terrace. Corten steel

Modern balustrade for balcony, terrace. Corten steel

Artistic metal balustrade for the terrace, balcony and stairs.

Custom-designed steel balustrades are popular in many architectural contexts. Here are some of the benefits that contribute to their popularity:

Durability : Wrought metal balustrades are known for their exceptional strength and long service life, making them a reliable choice for many applications.

Aesthetics: With stylish designs and an elegant appearance, wrought metal balustrades can add sophistication and charm to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Customization : Because forged metal can be heated and freely shaped into a variety of shapes, it offers a wide range of design possibilities. This allows for unique adaptation to individual preferences and architectural styles.

Corrosion resistance : Our forged balustrades are properly protected by galvanizing and powder coating, thanks to which they will look like new for many years.

Safety : Their strength and resistance make metal balustrades an excellent choice. They can act as a solid barrier, making stairs, balconies, terraces, etc. safer.

Increased property value: The elegance and timeless appearance of metal balustrades can increase the value of your property.

Easy Maintenance: Although they require some maintenance to keep them in perfect condition, it is generally a simple process. Regular cleaning and occasional painting will be enough to last for generations.

Compatibility with other materials: Wrought metal balustrades can be beautifully combined with other materials such as wood, glass or stone, creating a harmonious and timeless look.

Weather Resistance: When properly cared for and maintained, wrought metal balustrades can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Sustainability: Forged steel is recyclable. The longevity and ability to reuse or recycle the material make it a more sustainable choice compared to some other options.

Handmade quality: Skilled craftsmen are involved in the production of wrought metal balustrades, which means that you are not just receiving a mass-produced product, but a work of art that reflects craftsmanship and quality.

Our company makes both corten steel balustrades and hand-forged steel balustrades. Over two decades of experience in the field of artistic blacksmithing, architecture and industrial design allows us to create designs that are beautiful, safe and durable.

We are pleased to announce that we have the skills and experience necessary to construct almost any type of structure, regardless of whether it is made of steel, wood or glass. We encourage you to share with us the details of your planned project so that we can precisely tailor our offer to your unique needs and expectations. Our qualified team of specialists will be happy to perform a free cost analysis, ensuring the highest level of professionalism and diligence in carrying out the task.

Before proceeding with the order, we prepare a CAD technical drawing.

The forged steel balustrade can be painted in any color from the RAL palette. All forged external balustrades are hot-dip galvanized and powder coated, so you can be sure of the longevity of our products.

For people looking for an ecological solution to protect their balcony, terrace or stairs, we recommend our Corten steel balustrades (Cor-Ten).

Polish designer and manufacturer of Corten steel balustrades and forged metal balustrades.

Have a nice day, and feel free to contact us . We offer a free quote for your project. We offer design, production and assembly services. Balustrades from our company are a guarantee of quality and longevity.

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Metal external and internal balustrades

Waiting time

The lead time for an order for a gazebo or winter garden depends on the complexity and size of the project and may range from one to several months.


We are pleased to announce that our professional assembly services are available in Poland and throughout the European continent.


With over two decades of experience in the field of artistic blacksmithing, architecture and industrial design, we are able to create designs of unique complexity and quality. We are proud that as a Polish designer and manufacturer we can offer unique, safe and durable terrace, balcony and stair railings.

Payment options

  1. Electronic Transfers: Online transfer payments are available, offering the speed and convenience of online payments.
  2. Standard Bank Transfer: We also accept traditional bank transfers.
  3. PayPal: For international transactions we also offer payment via PayPal.

Additionally, we would like to inform you that we issue VAT invoices for all transactions. If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us.