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Artistic foundry

At Ideovo, we use the power of foundry materials.

A rich heritage of artistic expression

For centuries, casting materials have captivated artists and craftsmen, providing a medium for creating lasting masterpieces. From the delicate bronze sculptures of ancient civilizations to the intricate iron works that adorned medieval castles, foundry has played a key role in shaping our cultural heritage.

At Ideovo Foundry we are committed to:

Unlocking the potential of each material: We meticulously examine the properties of each casting material, ensuring a perfect fit for the project.

Implementing innovation: We are constantly looking for new and innovative techniques to improve the casting process.

      odlewnia aluminium  - rzezby i odlewy z aluminium

      Aluminum foundry

      A collection of aluminum castings and sculptures

      Aluminum sculptures
      odlewnia żeliwa - rzeźby i odlewy z żeliwa

      Iron foundry

      A collection of cast iron castings and sculptures

      coming soon
      odlewnia i rzeźby z miedzi - cooper art foundry

      Copper foundry

      A collection of copper castings and sculptures

      coming soon
      odlewnia brązu - rzeźby i odlewy

      Bronze foundry

      A collection of bronze castings and sculptures

      coming soon
      odlewy kompozytowe

      Composites foundry

      A collection of composite castings and sculptures

      coming soon

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