Collection: The art of stained glass - Custom-made stained glass

The Stained Glass Collection is a tribute to art and craftsmanship, refined craftsmanship that brings life and color to any space. Hand-made stained glass is a place where materials as diverse as glass and lead come together to speak the language of light.

The fruit of a Polish designer, each element of our collection is unique, and our employees are like art alchemists, combining fragments to create extraordinary compositions of colors and shapes. We can adapt these unique works to your requirements - regardless of size, shape or color.

Created with great precision, our stained glass windows are windows to another dimension that have the ability to transform space, creating atmosphere and atmosphere, setting the tone for the entire interior.

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guarantee of quality

We are a Polish manufacturer and designer who offers excellent prices and the highest quality of workmanship. Our belief is that harmony can only be achieved through the artistry and mastery of the creator. We approach each project individually, putting experience and soul into it, thanks to which we can guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

Standard and individual projects

Our offer includes both economical and minimalist designs inspired by Scandinavian design, as well as exclusive designs with a unique character that add a unique accent to any space. Our team focuses on details and ensures the highest quality of workmanship, thanks to which each project has its own unique character.

About us

Our workshop has been in business for over 20 years and specializes in the design and production of beautiful and functional products from a variety of materials, including steel, metal, aluminum, wood, glass, and vinyl. Our team of experienced designers and craftsmen use a combination of traditional forging techniques with modern design. We offer design, installation and consultation services and can help you plan and implement large craft projects. Contact us to learn more about our services and discuss your needs with our specialist.