Collection: Fences and fence spans

Open the gate to the world of unique design with our collection of fences and fence panels. Handmade from the highest quality steel, our products offer perfect solutions for those who value reliability, durability and aesthetics.

Each element of our collection, created by a Polish designer, is custom-made and can be adapted to the client's specific specifications and architectural preferences. From delicately intricate motifs, through raw industrial forms, to elegant classic patterns - our fences and spans can be adapted to any context, emphasizing the character of the surrounding space.

We are proud that we can provide you with products that combine functionality with aesthetics, able to stand the test of time. Our collection shows that each fence, each span, is not only a barrier, but also an important element of architecture that defines the space and adds personality to it.

By choosing our fences and spans, you gain not only an increased level of security, but also style and elegance. Our collection is more than just products - it is solutions tailored to your needs that reflect your taste and style.

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Entrance gates and fences made of metal.

Waiting time

The execution time of an order for an entrance gate with a fence depends on the complexity and size of the project and may range from one to several months. For those of you who are looking for a solid and economical alternative to traditional fencing systems, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with our innovative modular fencing system "OPLOT".


Metal gates and fences installed by our company are covered by a unique fifteen-year manufacturer's warranty. This is proof of our unwavering confidence in the quality of the products we offer, forged from the highest quality steel.

Standard and individual projects

Our proposal includes both minimalist, spare designs that draw inspiration from the pure beauty of Scandinavian design, as well as luxurious, unique structures that add a refined touch to any space. We focus our efforts on details and constantly strive for the highest standard of workmanship, thanks to which each project has its own unique personality.

Installation and assembly of an automatic gate.

We are pleased to announce that our professional assembly services are available in Poland and throughout the European continent. When installing an entrance gate with an automatic system by our company, we usually install an automatic system from the renowned DEA system brand. We are an officially authorized installer of this system.


We proudly present over two decades of experience gained in the field of artistic blacksmithing, architecture and industrial design, which enable us to create projects of unique complexity and quality. We are honored to be able, as a Polish designer and manufacturer, to offer our clients such unique, hand-made steel gates and fences.