B2B - Business to Business

IDEOVO furniture for commercial and institutional spaces - retail, showrooms, offices, event venues, hotels and corporate facilities, spaces and institutions.

For over twenty years, IDEOVO has had the honor of joining forces with a select group of retailers, trade show managers, salon operators, entrepreneurs and hotel owners. We specialize in enriching selected events and spaces with our distinctive style. Upon request, we implement unique, carefully crafted designs that meet the needs and specifications of our clients.

Retail aspect

The IDEOVO Design Furniture collection includes a diverse range of products designed for custom retail presentations, along with durable essentials and high-end store fixtures that cover a broad spectrum of concepts. Our experience includes fashion stores, bicycle shops, garages for vintage motorcycles, bookstores, hairdressers and food and beverage outlets.

Equipping the office and living room with furniture

Combining aesthetics with practicality, our Authentic Furniture catalog, which includes desks, shelves, sideboards, clothes hangers, benches and stools, is the optimal choice for furnishing offices and showrooms. The solid and functional design makes them suitable for use in workshops, studios and galleries. The simple, effective design beautifies any space, giving it a unique IDEOVO character. What's more, our range of kitchen furniture can be customized from compact café kitchens to fully functional kitchenettes, suitable for any size space.

Trade fairs and event spaces

Having been a reliable partner of the trade fair organizer for years, the IDEOVO team actively participates in events as a supplier of trade fair stands and comprehensive equipment solutions.

Gastronomy and hotels

To serve the catering and hospitality industry, IDEOVO Design Furniture offers essential products ranging from beds, lamps, kitchen appliances, wardrobes, tables, benches, bar stools, cabinets and various accessories including hangers, hooks and wall shelves. Tailored to individual requirements, we are happy to offer custom furniture dimensions and adapt them to the style of a given space.

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