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Flower of life - Automatic gate made of COR-TEN® steel

Flower of life - Automatic gate made of COR-TEN® steel

This symbolic pattern, reflecting the harmony of nature and the universe, will become the focal point of your home and garden. Made of durable and ecological COR-TEN® steel, the gate is not only a decoration, but also a symbol of unity and sustainable development.

COR-TEN® steel is a special type of steel that is very resistant to weather conditions, making it ideal for outdoor use, for example in gates and fences. Its natural, rust-like appearance adds character and visual interest to any design, and the color of the steel changes over time as it ages, creating a unique and timeless look.

COR-TEN® steel is very durable and requires no maintenance, making it an ecological and low-maintenance option for gates and fences. Moreover, COR-TEN® steel is a sustainable material because it can be recycled and reused. Its versatility allows for creative design possibilities as it can be formed, perforated and combined with other materials to create unique and visually attractive gates and fences.

Increasingly, COR-TEN® steel is used by architects and designers in both residential and commercial buildings, adding a modern and timeless character to any project.

  • The approximate price is for 1 meter of gate up to a height of 2 meters. We carry out orders with unusual dimensions/forms.
  • The 3D render shows the conceptual design. Before starting the implementation, and after consultations with the ordering party, we will prepare a technical drawing and a 3D model.
  • We install DEA SYSTEM automatic gates.

We invite you to complete the design brief.

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Gates and fences made of Cor-Ten® steel

Waiting time

Depending on the complexity of the gate or fence design, the waiting time may range from one month to several months. For people looking for a durable and inexpensive property fencing system, we recommend checking out our modular property fencing system " OPLOT ".


Almost 30 years of experience in the crafts, architecture and industrial design markets allows us to create projects of unrivaled quality and complexity. Gates and fences installed by our company are a guarantee of satisfaction. Polish designer and manufacturer.


The designs of gates and fences made of Corten steel installed by our company are covered by a 15-year manufacturer's warranty.