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A sanctuary for bees and other pollinating insects

A sanctuary for bees and other pollinating insects

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Sculpture the surroundings with our wooden sanctuary for wild bees and other pollinators; create a refuge that will attract these invaluable species to your garden, balcony or school space. Let this unique house become a protective shield for bee biodiversity and an educational tool, sparking curiosity and understanding of their irreplaceable role in the ecosystem.

Durable and Natural Materials: Our wooden sanctuary, which serves as a home for wild pollinators, is made of the highest quality wood, ensuring longevity and aesthetic beauty. Wood, as a natural raw material, blends beautifully with the surrounding nature.

Friendly environment for wild pollinators: This house contains precisely designed holes and chambers that are the perfect refuge for wild bees, bumblebees and other pollinating insects. Our well-thought-out spaces are adapted to various species, providing them with a safe shelter, place to breed and rest.

DIY assembly: Our wild pollinator sanctuary is easy to assemble yourself. The set includes all the necessary elements and instructions, making the entire process simple but satisfying. It is also an ideal opportunity to spend time on creative activities with family or friends.

Educational value: Assembling and placing our house in your space is not only an act of nature conservation, but also a form of education. The house becomes an excellent tool for learning about and observing wild pollinators in their natural environment. Children and adults have the opportunity to discuss the invaluable role of bees in pollinating plants.

Aesthetic design: Our wild pollinator sanctuary has an attractive appearance that will add character to your space. Made of wood, in natural colors, it blends in beautifully with the surroundings.

Caring for bees and other wild pollinators is crucial to maintaining ecosystem balance and protecting biodiversity. Our sanctuary is an innovative solution that will allow you to actively contribute to the protection of these valuable organisms. We invite you to install your sanctuary today and enjoy observing bees and other wild insects in your surroundings.

The "artistically painted" option includes a house that will be decorated according to the vision of our local artist. We donate 30% of the proceeds from sales to the FLID foundation.

This project was created as part of the project and is available only in our online store.

Be Happy like a Bee - Bee Happy!

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Houses for bees and other pollinating insects,

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