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Neoclassical fountain with an angel sculpture made of Cor-Ten steel

Neoclassical fountain with an angel sculpture made of Cor-Ten steel

Cor-Ten Steel Neoclassical Fountain:

A monumental garden decoration

We present a fountain inspired by the noble simplicity of antiquity, made of unique Cor-Ten steel.

Craftsmanship and precision design

The fountain combines craftsmanship and precision of design, creating a work of applied art that delights and captivates.

Noble Cor-Ten steel

The use of Cor-Ten steel gives the fountain a unique character. Corten, when covered with patina, acquires a noble rusty color, perfectly matching the greenery of the garden.

Timeless form

The neoclassical form of the fountain exudes harmony and order, referring to ancient patterns. Symmetrical lines and geometric shapes create a monumental composition that will become the focal point of any garden.

A source of relaxation and respite

The sound of flowing water soothes the senses and brings relief, and the fountain becomes a place of relaxation and respite from the everyday hustle and bustle.

An investment for years

A fountain made of Cor-Ten steel is not only a beautiful decoration, but also an investment for years. Durable construction and material resistance to weather conditions guarantee a long service life.

An offer for connoisseurs

The neoclassical fountain made of Cor-Ten steel is a proposition for art connoisseurs and lovers of beautiful objects. It will perfectly fit into the surroundings of an elegant house, hotel or park, adding prestige and class to it.

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We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and join the group of satisfied customers. We will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose a fountain that perfectly suits your needs.

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